The Project

The project, When Yesterday Was Young, of which this website forms part, has been financially supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It has been designed to allow young people to discover and contribute to the North’s mining legacy. To seek out information that may not be available anywhere else online, and create a living record of it for posterity.

We are keen to ensure that stories that should be told are not lost.

We’ll be working with Beamish Museum, The National Coal Mining Museum for England, and The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers.

There will also be a fabulous, interactive event that highlights the North’s wonderful people, past and passion, as well as its future.

If you have stories, information, anecdotes, pictures, songs or anything else the world) may find interesting about mining life in the North before, during or after the mining industries flourished, then contact us.

We hope to keep this project going indefinitely, so please make sure you’re OK with sharing your information/content online before submitting. We are happy to accept content under your name, but publish it online anonymously.

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