Early Mining and Ventilation

How they got fresh air down the mine: They used big fans over curved buildings to push the fresh air down the mine. There were two tunnels that kept the clean and dirty air separate when it the two air streams were coming in and out of the mine.

Penance Man: In the early days a of mining, a penance man was paid to crawl into the mine with a candle to check that it was safe. After that, a canary was used and then a machine was used to check it was safe.

How coal got out of the mine: In the 1800s, there wasn’t much technology so they had to use man power instead. First they used buckets, then horses, and finally  machinery.

·        Early pits were called bell pits because of their shape.

·        If a naked flame touches methane then it causes an explosion.

·        The miners called methane fire damp.

·        Reverend John Hodgson buried the miners killed in the explosion in 1812.

·        Penance man exploded the gas in the mine on purpose before work started.

·        The gauze used in the safety lamp prevented heat from getting through.

Emma, Robyn and Eleanor, Youth Committee