Under Our Noses

“I think it was an amazing acting opportunity and made me realise that I had never been taught about my local history before this project. It opened my eyes to something I didn’t realise was there before, although it had been under my nose that whole time. Altogether, it was an amazing production that I was so lucky to be a part of.” – Eleanor (Student) “I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on the ‘When Yesterday Was Young’ project. It was a great opportunity and… Read more “Under Our Noses”

Students and Parents, Enter CIC

Incredible Stories

I took part in the ‘When Yesterday Was Young’ project which included the Beamish Outreach sessions, the Johnny Miner song, the Durham Mining Museum research, the Michael Chaplin research at Redhills and all of the ‘When Yesterday Was Young’ rehearsals. It was an unforgettable experience and was extremely beneficial in that it helped to give context for the performances. I knew some information about mining in the local area before the performance, but taking part in the activities provided me with an opportunity to learn… Read more “Incredible Stories”

Zac, Research Committee

Travelling to Earlier Days

Being a part of the When Yesterday Was Young project for me was a very eye opening and hugely enriching opportunity; to be a part of a project designed to teach and showcase true events that happened in our area for young people who would have no outside
encouragement or option to learn about their history, or older people who actually lived the lives we as performers were emulating was an experience I won’t soon forget. Throughout the project we got to take part… Read more “Travelling to Earlier Days”

Chelsea, Research Committee

New Information to Consider

It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of the amazing project entitled “When Yesterday Was Young” and learn more about the North East past and heritage. During the rehearsal and the research process I learned lots of things about the North which I never thought of considering. Although I knew some of the information from being part of “The Wind Road Boys”, “When Yesterday Was Young” really opened my eyes to what life was like back in the times when coal… Read more “New Information to Consider”

Nathan, Research Committee

Touching the Hearts of the Community

Firstly, I would like to thank Enter CIC for giving me yet another phenomenal opportunity.  The When Yesterday Was Young project opened my eyes to view the depth of the community life of the village more closely (in which I have lived my whole life) and delve into the struggles that families faced during the strikes and The Great War. I was so happy that I could be part of the research team that went out to various places and gathered the facts and true… Read more “Touching the Hearts of the Community”

Emily, Youth Committee

All the Essentials

On the 21st June 2017, we visited the Durham Mining Museum as part of the research process in preparation for the WYWY project. At the museum we met our representative and specialist, Jack Inch. Jack Inch started to talk about the different rocks and methods used to separate/extract coal from rock.  Jack then went on to talk about how the mine looks from above (known as a birds eye view). During this part of the visit, I learnt that the mines ran under the sea.… Read more “All the Essentials”

Gracie, Youth Committee

Understanding the Generations

During May we started the project entitled ‘When Yesterday Was Young’. We started the project by visiting local heritage sites to learn about our heritage and history. This then culminated in a performance being shown sixteen times over six days. We started off by visiting the Durham Mining Museum in Spennymoor. We spoke to Jack Inch (previously a pit master) about his understanding of mining and the local area as well as his experiences from working in the mining industry. He spoke with passion and… Read more “Understanding the Generations”

James, Youth Committee

An Amazing Chance to Expand my Knowledge

I participated in several of the activities that were on offer in the When Yesterday Was Young project and found them very interesting and an amazing chance to expand my knowledge on subjects that I have very little knowledge on; which perhaps I should, as the activities helped me to learn about our heritage in our area. The Beamish Outreach sessions were so intriguing, as I learnt lots about the domestic lives of mining families, mining leisure activities and the science of how mine explosions… Read more “An Amazing Chance to Expand my Knowledge”

Taylor, Research Committee

Education in Local History

A lot of the work that I have participated in at Enter in the last six years has taught me so much about my local mining heritage. I thought there would be little more for me to learn about the real lives of the miners, but that was certainly turned on its head during the When Yesterday Was Young project! I was astounded to find that things were not just to be learnt in this project, they were to be lived. As our rehearsal and… Read more “Education in Local History”

Dane, Research Committee

Emotion, Passion and Solidarity

The When Yesterday Was Young project has really opened my eyes when regarding local heritage. I already had some knowledge through “The Wind Road Boys” production but this was project broader and helped me connect with the show. This was not only a performance opportunity, as I participated in many workshops and visits in connection with Beamish Museum. The workshops were captivating, helping my understanding with physical artefacts. These workshops and visits also really helped me characterise and place myself in the shoes of our… Read more “Emotion, Passion and Solidarity”

Caitlin, Research Committee

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Participating in the When Yesterday Was Young project was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The trips to Wakefield and to Beamish were great fun and also very opening to the things the miners experienced in their times. I feel like this project has brought me closer to my Great Uncle Norman Cornish and allowed me to express my thoughts through poem. This experience has been a great opportunity, something I believe you will not get anywhere else. When I first saw the set, I… Read more “A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

Jack, Research Committee

Another Great Opportunity

When Yesterday was Young was another great opportunity Enter provided. It was a great way to learn about our local histories past. I really enjoyed the “field trips”/adventures some of us went on; it helped us open our minds find out what life was really like in the mining era. Personally, I loved going down ‘The National Coal Mining Museum’ mine. Seeing how awful the conditions were really hit home and brought it all to my heart. Rich Tea was the miner who took us… Read more “Another Great Opportunity”

Beth, Research Committee

Engaging Our Youth

When Yesterday Was Young – NCMME Trip with Research Group Sunday 9th July 2017 On the 9th of July 2017, we returned the National Coal Mining Museum for England, this time taking with us our research committee so they could experience both the underground tour and the workshops which could be provided by the museum. For this visit, I acted as both an assistant for the younger students as well as a researcher, analysing and recording about the workshops for later revisiting. Due to previous… Read more “Engaging Our Youth”

Jade, Youth Committee

The National Coal Mining Musuem for England

  On the 8th July 2017, I visited the National Coal Mining Museum for England. This was the second time that I have visited the museum and I was eager to return. On my first visit to the museum, I went with a smaller group of people from the When Yesterday Was young project, this time everyone involved in the project was coming. I was excited to return to the museum for a number of reasons. The first was because the first time that I… Read more “The National Coal Mining Musuem for England”

Susie, Youth Committee

A Wonderful Heritage Experience

Having previously seen images of Redhill, I was able to anticipate the age of the building, I was not however, expecting the size. I hadn’t expected to see such a huge building, presuming that, instead, it would be smaller. The tour aspect of the visit was very informative, though not necessarily suitable for a younger audience. The lecture given was more accessible, but I believe this is because the accounts were personal, which could be difficult for our group to achieve, as we don’t have… Read more “A Wonderful Heritage Experience”

Faye, Youth Committee

Traditions still alive at Redhills

This Evening we attended an event at the Durham Miner’s Hall. I was very surprised when seeing the building for the first time. I expected it to be a lot smaller and to look less modern. The condition of the rooms show the pride that the people had and still have today. Michael Chaplin spoke about the life and work of his father, Sid Chaplin. Sid Chaplin was a pit worker in the Dean and Chapter Colliery. His work and his marras down the mine… Read more “Traditions still alive at Redhills”

Emily, Youth Committee

Michael Chaplin at Redhills

This evening, we attended an event at the Durham Miner’s Hall, Redhills. I have never been to the Durham Miner’s Hall, before tonight, and I was quite surprised when I first saw it as it was a lot grander than I expected. It seemed to me that the hall, when it was opened in 1915, would have been untouchable to the common man, or miner. When I think of a miner, it’s safe to say that this building would not be my first thought but… Read more “Michael Chaplin at Redhills”

Susie, Youth Committee

Something for Everyone

Saturday 1st July 2017 Today, I visited the North England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineering (NEIMME). This museum was an inconspicuous building located in Newcastle. Not obvious to the eye. We were greeted outside by Simon Brookes, who led us through and into the Wood Hall Memorial room. This room was very beautiful. When stepping through, I noted the stunning stained-glass window which was mirrored on the front and back of the room. On the left and right were, what appeared to be, cupboards,… Read more “Something for Everyone”

Jade, Youth Committee

Beamish Museum Archive

Friday 23rd June 2017 Initial Thoughts
It had been a long time since my last trip to Beamish Museum. I could barely remember the museum, yet I had fond memories of visiting there on school trips when I was much younger. Due to visiting at such a young age, I was never aware of the archive that was stored within Beamish Museum. I was oozing with anticipation as we arrived at the Resource Centre. It was a lovely building, that appeared small in stature.… Read more “Beamish Museum Archive”

Jade, Youth Committee

Durham Mining Museum

Wednesday 21st June 2017. Initial Thoughts
I was aware of the rich mining heritage of Spennymoor. However, I had never noticed there was a museum situated in the town hall. When I learnt about this, there was an overwhelming curiosity as to where this museum was located, what was available within its collection and who ran the museum. So, on the day of the museum visit, there was an eagerness within me to learn about this museum and its contents. When climbing the steps… Read more “Durham Mining Museum”

Jade, Youth Committee

History in Safe Hands

On Saturday we visited the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers. Our guide for the day was Simon Brookes who greeted us upon arrival before leading us to the Wood Hall on the first floor of the building. The room was simply breath-taking. There were stained glass windows at both ends of the room and paintings on every wall but what struck me the most were the beautifully intricate wood carvings situated throughout the room. It definitely felt like an academic environment… Read more “History in Safe Hands”

Susie, Youth Committee

Listening and Learning

Today I went to Beamish Museum to discover the mysteries and architecture of the Mining Industry. Then I met the Social Secretary Gemma Stevenson who introduced us to Hayley Scott a team member of the Marketing and Communications office. I enjoyed listening to Hayley talk about her role in Beamish. I liked the quote that she finished her interview on ‘go to the past, people do strange things there’. After Hayley’s interview I then met a woman called Rosie who works in the collections department, I… Read more “Listening and Learning”

Gracie, Youth Committee

Insights and inspiration

Today I went to Beamish Museum as a researcher of the mining industry and not just a member of the public having a look around. I was able to sit in on three interviews and ask questions to costumed characters at the museum. First we started with Hayley who worked within the social media sector and, although technically out of period, she helped us to understand how the modern day public communicate with such a museum when outside of the grounds. We were also able… Read more “Insights and inspiration”

Lauren Gash, Youth Committee

New experiences for performance

I really enjoyed the educational visit to the National Coal Mining Museum for England in Wakefield because it shone a new light, for me, on the Coal Mining Industry. Being part of The Wind Road Boys cast has helped me to understand the conditions of the mines and the different job roles available to boys, girls, women and men. The National Coal Mining Museum’s mine adventure ensured that I could expand my experiential knowledge of the Mining Industry. When I was going down the shaft… Read more “New experiences for performance”

Gracie, Youth Committee

The Reed Beds

The Reed Beds
The reed bed tour displayed the filtration system of the iron rich water which is pumped up from the two mines at the National Coal Mining Museum for England and the other local mines. Once the water was pumped from the “taps” the water went into the pool behind it. The iron, due to it being a heavier element, sinks to the bottom of the pond where every two weeks of the year the water is dredged to take the iron… Read more “The Reed Beds”

Chris Campbell, Youth Committee

People with passion

When I first found out that we were going to visit the National Coal Mining Museum of England, I was really excited; mainly because of the prospect of being able to have a tour of a mine with an ex-miner. I did love the experience of going down a mine, and having an ex-miner as our tour guide did make it a once in a lifetime experience. Our trip to the National Coal Mining Museum gave me my first experience of an archive and it’s… Read more “People with passion”

Susie, Youth Committee

A wealth of discovery

Initial Thoughts
Those who were part of the steering committee for the ‘When Yesterday Was Young’ project had an opportunity to visit the National Coal Mining Museum of England on the 22nd of June 2017. One of the key features of this Museum was its Underground Tour, which helped to provide an accurate perspective on the conditions of the mines and gave a first-hand experience of being underground. I am a member of the steering committee and had the good fortune of going on… Read more “A wealth of discovery”

Jade Colledge, Youth Committee

Generations exploring together

Today I visited the National Coal Mining Museum for England in Wakefield with Enter CIC as part of a project called, ‘When Yesterday Was Young’. When we first arrived at the museum we headed to the on-site library. The librarians and archivists were aware of our visit and had laid out some materials for us to read and commence our initial research. I found it very interesting to read the articles and chapters from some of books. It helped us to think of ideas for… Read more “Generations exploring together”

James Neil Priestley, Youth Committee