The Reed Beds

The Reed Beds
The reed bed tour displayed the filtration system of the iron rich water which is pumped up from the two mines at the National Coal Mining Museum for England and the other local mines. Once the water was pumped from the “taps” the water went into the pool behind it. The iron, due to it being a heavier element, sinks to the bottom of the pond where every two weeks of the year the water is dredged to take the iron from the bottom of the pond.

It is then pumped into the next pool which is the polishing pond. Then to the settling tanks before it is released to the reed beds, where the water is purified to 3 micrograms per 1 litre of water. The water is measured from the start of the processes for its level of iron and PH. Naturally, the iron in the water is reduced due to the filtration process. The process is very successful as the water flows back in to the water system cleaned and safe to use.

The water authority tests the water every two weeks to ensure the filtration system remains effective.

I found the process very interesting to learn about as it is a “green” way of putting the water back into the water cycle. It is clear that modern technology is helping to make the process more ecologically sound.

My idea
One of the ways I thought we could incorporate this into our project is by creating a motion graphic video showing the process of the filtration. This would educate the community about the process. It could be put on the website of the project or shown during the performance.

Chris Campbell, Youth Committee
Saturday, June 24, 2017