A Wonderful Heritage Experience

Having previously seen images of Redhill, I was able to anticipate the age of the building, I was not however, expecting the size. I hadn’t expected to see such a huge building, presuming that, instead, it would be smaller. The tour aspect of the visit was very informative, though not necessarily suitable for a younger audience. The lecture given was more accessible, but I believe this is because the accounts were personal, which could be difficult for our group to achieve, as we don’t have Continue reading →

Traditions still alive at Redhills

This Evening we attended an event at the Durham Miner’s Hall. I was very surprised when seeing the building for the first time. I expected it to be a lot smaller and to look less modern. The condition of the rooms show the pride that the people had and still have today. Michael Chaplin spoke about the life and work of his father, Sid Chaplin. Sid Chaplin was a pit worker in the Dean and Chapter Colliery. His work and his marras down the mine Continue reading →

Michael Chaplin at Redhills

This evening, we attended an event at the Durham Miner’s Hall, Redhills. I have never been to the Durham Miner’s Hall, before tonight, and I was quite surprised when I first saw it as it was a lot grander than I expected. It seemed to me that the hall, when it was opened in 1915, would have been untouchable to the common man, or miner. When I think of a miner, it’s safe to say that this building would not be my first thought but Continue reading →