Engaging Our Youth

When Yesterday Was Young – NCMME Trip with Research Group Sunday 9th July 2017 On the 9th of July 2017, we returned the National Coal Mining Museum for England, this time taking with us our research committee so they could experience both the underground tour and the workshops which could be provided by the museum. For this visit, I acted as both an assistant for the younger students as well as a researcher, analysing and recording about the workshops for later revisiting. Due to previous Continue reading →

The National Coal Mining Musuem for England

On the 8th July 2017, I visited the National Coal Mining Museum for England. This was the second time that I have visited the museum and I was eager to return. On my first visit to the museum, I went with a smaller group of people from the When Yesterday Was young project, this time everyone involved in the project was coming. I was excited to return to the museum for a number of reasons. The first was because the first time that I visited Continue reading →

New experiences for performance

I really enjoyed the educational visit to the National Coal Mining Museum for England in Wakefield because it shone a new light, for me, on the Coal Mining Industry. Being part of The Wind Road Boys cast has helped me to understand the conditions of the mines and the different job roles available to boys, girls, women and men. The National Coal Mining Museum’s mine adventure ensured that I could expand my experiential knowledge of the Mining Industry. When I was going down the shaft Continue reading →

The Reed Beds

The Reed Beds The reed bed tour displayed the filtration system of the iron rich water which is pumped up from the two mines at the National Coal Mining Museum for England and the other local mines. Once the water was pumped from the “taps” the water went into the pool behind it. The iron, due to it being a heavier element, sinks to the bottom of the pond where every two weeks of the year the water is dredged to take the iron from Continue reading →

People with passion

When I first found out that we were going to visit the National Coal Mining Museum of England, I was really excited; mainly because of the prospect of being able to have a tour of a mine with an ex-miner. I did love the experience of going down a mine, and having an ex-miner as our tour guide did make it a once in a lifetime experience. Our trip to the National Coal Mining Museum gave me my first experience of an archive and it’s Continue reading →

A wealth of discovery

Initial Thoughts Those who were part of the steering committee for the ‘When Yesterday Was Young’ project had an opportunity to visit the National Coal Mining Museum of England on the 22nd of June 2017. One of the key features of this Museum was its Underground Tour, which helped to provide an accurate perspective on the conditions of the mines and gave a first-hand experience of being underground. I am a member of the steering committee and had the good fortune of going on the Continue reading →

Generations exploring together

Today I visited the National Coal Mining Museum for England in Wakefield with Enter CIC as part of a project called, ‘When Yesterday Was Young’. When we first arrived at the museum we headed to the on-site library. The librarians and archivists were aware of our visit and had laid out some materials for us to read and commence our initial research. I found it very interesting to read the articles and chapters from some of books. It helped us to think of ideas for Continue reading →