Beamish Museum Archive

Friday 23rd June 2017 Initial Thoughts It had been a long time since my last trip to Beamish Museum. I could barely remember the museum, yet I had fond memories of visiting there on school trips when I was much younger. Due to visiting at such a young age, I was never aware of the archive that was stored within Beamish Museum. I was oozing with anticipation as we arrived at the Resource Centre. It was a lovely building, that appeared small in stature. Stepping Continue reading →

Listening and Learning

Today I went to Beamish Museum to discover the mysteries and architecture of the Mining Industry. Then I met the Social Secretary Gemma Stevenson who introduced us to Hayley Scott a team member of the Marketing and Communications office. I enjoyed listening to Hayley talk about her role in Beamish. I liked the quote that she finished her interview on ‘go to the past, people do strange things there’. After Hayley’s interview I then met a woman called Rosie who works in the collections department, I Continue reading →

Insights and inspiration

Today I went to Beamish Museum as a researcher of the mining industry and not just a member of the public having a look around. I was able to sit in on three interviews and ask questions to costumed characters at the museum. First we started with Hayley who worked within the social media sector and, although technically out of period, she helped us to understand how the modern day public communicate with such a museum when outside of the grounds. We were also able Continue reading →